Probably one of the most time consuming activities for any business, book keeping is essentially recording all the financial transactions that take place in a business - primarily sales, purchases, receipts and payments. Large or small, there's no getting away from book keeping as without accurate records, your accountants can't prepare your business's financial reports. It's also one of those jobs that you need to keep on top of and the temptation can be to 'leave it until next week' but you'll just get further and further behind. It doesn't have to be this way.

Numbers can:

  • advise you on how to set up your own book keeping systems,
  • do only the processing for you,
  • do all your book keeping (VAT returns, supplier payments, prepare management accounts etc),
  • or take care of all your end to end accountancy requirements

Whether you want your book keeping done monthly or quarterly, so long as we have all your records, we can leave you one less job to do and at the same time help you to effectively manage cash flow and keep on top of your business' performance and let you know how much tax you're likely to have to pay in the year.

It's also worth noting that if we do your book keeping it can help keep the additional costs of accountancy down (e.g. year end accounts & self assessment tax return) as we will already have a good understanding of how your business works. Whether you want Numbers to do just your book keeping or your book keeping and accounts, we're happy to help.

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