Since April 2013, HMRC have had new powers regarding information requests and visits in connection with certain aspects of your tax affairs.

In recent times there has been an increase in the number of clients whose tax returns are investigated or disputed, regardless of their size and income status.

We can now offer a fee protection service to our clients which means that for a small annual fee, should your tax affairs be investigated by HMRC, we’ll complete the accountancy work associated with the enquiry and then reclaim the costs. What’s more you can benefit from our additional expertise if you are investigated and at the same time give yourself peace of mind that you won’t be hit with any surprise costs.

Why do I need the fee protection service?

  • HMRC have been granted wider powers of enquiry carrying out Business Record Checks, Compliance Visits and Interventions covering all taxes. Even if your tax return and business records are accurate and the taxman finds no errors accountancy fees can cost thousands
  • No policy excess
  • Dealing with any correspondence from HMRC and attendance at any meeting with HMRC
  • Complete peace of mind

What is the fee protection service?

  • Numbers Ltd will defend you should you receive an enquiry from HMRC (professional defence costs can often be substantial)
  • These costs will be covered by our policy (cover is for up to £75,000)
  • Includes cover for HMRC visits as well as written enquiries
  • Includes complimentary access to Employment Law and Health & Safety advice lines
  • Numbers Ltd deals with any claims so you don’t have to

What is not covered by the service?

  • Routine compliance work, e.g. preparing your tax return
  • Any tax, interest or penalties due
  • Criminal prosecutions and fraud
  • Enquiries commenced prior to subscribing to the service

What does it cost and how do I join?

Please contact us to discuss your affairs more so that we can ensure you have the right cover to meet your needs.

This service can protect you from surprise additional costs and ensures we are able to represent you at the best possible level.

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